In Loving Memory

In loving memory of Steven J. LeBlanc – a great Christian, father, grandfather, brother, mentor and friend to so many people

1st Annual Steven J. LeBlanc / Purple Patriots Crawfish Boil

As family and friends, we have decided to have a BIG Crawfish Boil in Steve’s honor in Baton Rouge, May 4th at 14468 Bayou Terrace Dr., Saint Amant, LA 70774.
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There will be lots of good food, live music, a slideshow with some photo’s of Steve and his friends and family (please email or mail me photos) along with his 3 favorite songs, an open microphone in case anyone wants to share a story, lots of games (kids and adults – so bring the Poker and Bourre (Boo-Ray) Money :-)) a lot of stuff for the kids and desserts and much more.

It is FREE to attend, but anyone who would have wanted to send flowers or something can give a donation, if they wish, so we can help some families in true need of aid, in his name. We will also have raffles and silent auctions…. We want a GREAT time and to be able to help some people that we know that need some financial aid.

Most importantly, I think he will be looking down with a big smile on his face.

(Michael J. LeBlanc – / 225 Mesquite Falls Lane, Friendswood, Texas 77546).

I will be giving out CDs with the photos, once they are all in, to those who would like a copy at the event.

Please help us spread the word so we can say our final goodbye to Steve and have the event with as many attendees as possible, as in his final days he said “when I go, I don’t want a sad funeral with a bunch of crying…. I want a BIG party and people dancing and eating good food and talking about the good times…” .

Please ask others to register for the event at so we can get a good headcount and send out invitations in due course. We will keep updating the website.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Mike LeBlanc – Steve’s son.

Steven LeBlanc

Click here to register for the Life Celebration


  • marian m landry says:

    I knew Steven when he was 16 years old and as Mary Lee’s

    little brother, and I do mean Mary Lee because she was

    named after the virgin Mary and her dad Lee. I loved them all !!

    And they were all so good to me, I was so sad to hear of

    his death but prowd to have know him. My sympathy

    to Mary and his family.

    • Thank you very much for you kind words…. we will be having a Family Crawfish Boil in his honor in the Spring…. we will post it here on the site… hope you guys can come.

      Mike (Steve’s son)

    • Mary Lee Antoon says:

      Thank you so much Marian. I miss him so. We were very close. Although we lived far from one another we talked often and got together whenever we could.

      • marian m landry says:

        I feel for you–because I could tell how much you loved him and I remember him as a young boy when we were growing up together– believe it or not over 50 years ago!!

        LOVE YOU,


  • Linda Perry says:

    Steve, I haven’t seen you since 1965. You were always so friendly and had so much joy. I know you will be missed by many. I wish we would have stayed in touch over these years. I prayed for you and will continue to pray for your loved ones.
    Rest in Peace!
    Love Linda

  • Tug Zachary Erwin says:

    Steve & I attended high school together at GOHS. Steve had a great personality as well as a wonderful sense of humor. Seeing him at our last GOHS dinner was so much fun. He always joked with me about making sure he sat behind me in high school classes,so he could pull my ponytail hair all during class. This continued for 4 years of high school!I am so priviledged to have known such a wonderful,sweet, kind & sharing guy. Steve you are greatly missed, & I love you, big guy!! “Your Sweet Tug” as you called me

  • I want to thank Chris Brown and Big Splash Web Design for doing this website for free. Thanks a lot, Chris

  • Gerardo " Jerry" Russo says:

    I had the pleasure to work with Steve when he was the Executive Vice President of Caleb Brett. He gave some wisdom and guidance that I used all my life thanks to him, and that made me a better man, father and husband. I have not seen him in many years, but his words are still clear in my head, he will be greatly missed.

  • Diane Morace Dixon says:

    Steve & I & our families go way back. We both grew up on Godchaux St. I moved away in the 3rd grade & our paths came back together in Jr. High & High School at GOHS. He was always such a character & more like a brother to me. It was great seeing him again at some of the GOHS get togethers & slways had some stories to tell. He will be greatly missed and never forgotten. My thoughts & prayers have been with all the family. God Bless y’all.

  • Joan LeBlanc- neice. says:

    So many memories. He was more like a brother to me than an uncle; I loved the talks we had and the wisdom he shared. I am so very saddened that he is not here with Cher and Fadua as usual, though he lives in our hearts he has never really left. Life is fleeing and the day of reunion is closer than we know, Oh what a day that will be! My heart rejoices that he is in perfect health and peace living the ultimate facet of life. It will be as though time stood still, for in Heaven there is no time, only eternity. We are one in the Lord; therefore, separation cannot exist except in the mind.
    …. Steve, I cannot imagine your sense of humor being more perfected, for it was already more than we could handle. I love you! See you soon buddy.

    Joan LeBlanc
    Florida, USA

    • LeBlanc says:

      Thanks Joan……. thanks a lot…… I hope to see you in the Spring… It would be nice to catch up.

  • D LeBlanc says:

    Hi Mike. I hate that these are usually the only times our family gets together, but uncle Steve is greatly missed. I miss you,Cher, and aunt Fadua also. Hope to see you soon.

  • Cathy Czajka says:

    Dear Michael and Family,

    I met your Dad back in 1997 when he hired me at Caleb Brett to be part of his amazing team…from that day I met him, my life changed working in the inspection world…he changed my life for the best, in business and personally…he taught me not to hide and back down, but to stand my ground…his attitude, his laugh, his love for life, the whole wonderful package was a priceless experience for me…Steve, from my heart to yours, you will never, ever be forgotten
    …love you darlin’, Cathy Czajka

    • LeBlanc says:

      Wow…. thank you so much Cathy…. thank you…. he told me many times how proud he was about you and almost each time he mentioned you to me it was with a laugh as well…. I love you too.

  • Wow, what a great person Steve was, Steve and I went to GOHS together. I can say we had some unusal times together with Danny Williams in the mix. I truly can remember one trip we made to New Orleans late one night after a football game.
    The trip was safe but very different and very unusal in more than one way. Steve could talk to you and get you to do almost anything…….
    Our GOHS monthly dinners we attended, I was always hoping would be there. Steve it’s not good-by because I will see you again one day down the road of LIFE.

    Just me,
    Kenny D.

  • Jerry Difede says:

    Dear Mike,
    Please accept my sincerest condolences from my family to yours on your recent loss. Having worked with your Dad over many, many years dating back to the late 80s I often find myself recalling back to some of the “classic” times……The Caribbean, New Orleans, Miami, Houston…..memories that will last for a lifetime ……great stories that will be told for years to comes of the legacy he left and the lives he touched.


    jerry difede

  • LeBlanc says:

    On behalf of Al Loupe:

    Of all the people I have met in my life, none of them have influenced me as much as Steve. Very seldom do people have an opportunity to spend their entire life with an old high school friend. I first met Steve in Band Class at GOHS in 1960. After I moved away from Baton Rouge in 1962, I thought that would be the last time I would ever see my old friend again. Not to be, we ran into each other during our Navy days in Norfolk Virginia. I didn’t even know Steve was in the Navy. So once again our paths had met and we saw each other almost every day until I was discharged. After the Navy I was sure that was it, I would never see my old friend again. Not to be – again. I received a phone call from Steve a few years after returning to Columbia from the Navy, asking me if I would want to go to work with the company he was working for. I accepted the job and once again, I was reunited with my old friend. The next 30 something years we traveled across North America, the Caribbean islands, Mexico, Europe and saw and did many great things together. We watched our families grow up and us grow older. He’s worked hard and he did a lot of nice things, for a lot of people. He left behind many lives and families that he had touched in a positive way by his influence. On Steve’s last trip to Houston, a week before he passed away, he told my Dad he was looking forward to getting to heaven, because he wanted to see who DIDN’T make it. Only Steve could find humor in his last days! So until we meet again, enjoy your new found peace, in a place where you won’t have to endure more pain and suffering from your illness. I’m sure you made it to heaven and knowing you the way I do, you NOW know exactly who didn’t make it….so far! God bless you and thanks for your friendship and a million memories to go with it!

    Alvin Loupe

  • LeBlanc says:

    All 3 beautiful Poems written by David Wojtowicz


    Think About It…..

    I have heard whispers in the wind before
    But today it seemed more loud
    I think that my friend Steve Leblanc
    is in Heaven gathering a crowd

    Just picture him saying to a group
    “look what happens when we all blow
    It doesn’t just rustle the leaves……
    We can actually makes things go”

    There is no way he is in command,
    although he might want to be.
    But I am certain he has “cut his deal”
    And is right where he needs to be.

    I am also sure he is making his rounds
    Visiting with those who have gone before
    Sitting back, chilling, enjoying the view,
    Certainly near a beautiful shore

    All his questions are answered
    And he now is finally pain free
    Light as a feather, free as a bird
    Patiently waiting for you and me.

    I wasn’t there when he passed away
    And for that there is no need to forgive.
    Because I was there a lot of times,
    Watching my dear friend live.

    When you feel the next gust of wind
    Just look up toward the sun
    It might be Steve with an impish grin
    Having a little more fun.

    DAW 10/15/12

    David Wojtowicz

  • LeBlanc says:

    Poem #2


    Steven J. Leblanc and I were married
    When we were both very young
    He always walked the path less travelled
    And sang life’s songs that were less sung

    He pushed others to achieve their best
    And grumble if they didn’t understand
    Steve would come home and pray for strength
    Always striving to be a better man

    Outwardly he appeared as strong as a lion
    Always acting to be tough and bold
    I witnessed him weep on his knees praying
    Knowing that he had a heart of gold

    He increased the size of our family
    When he joined his dear Caleb Brett
    Taking hold of the toughest situations
    ……and wishing he could do it yet.

    After suffering for a long while, he has passed
    We should celebrate his life, not grieve.
    Please be as thankful as I am…………
    That we knew this beautiful man, named Steve.

    David Wojtowicz

  • LeBlanc says:

    Poem #3 —- Thanks so much David !!


    My dad was always there for me
    I really will miss him a lot
    Maybe I should have thanked him more
    For all the things I got

    Thank you for a sense of humor
    That not everyone will understand
    And for the times when I was sad
    You simply held my hand.

    Thanks for the strong will to endure
    When life gives you so much pain
    And, Dear Dad, I am grateful
    You pushed me…..over and over again.

    I was proud to hear people call you names,
    “the Man, Boss, Heffe”, but what made me glad
    Was that the most reassuring thing to me,
    I could call you…….DAD!

    DAW 10/14/12

  • Kees Kuyper says:

    Dear Mike,
    Please accept our sincerest condolences from our family to yours on the recent loss of your Dad. Having worked with Steve, dating back to the early 80’s, I often think about some of the “good old times”……The Caribbean, New Orleans, San Francisco, Miami, Houston…..memories that will last for a lifetime ……great stories that will be told for years to comes of the legacy he left and the lives he touched.
    You can be as proud on your Dad as we are!
    Kees & Marise

  • Edna Poche says:

    Mike,Fadua,&Cher I will remember you all in my prayers. Steve was one of my favorite cousins, he always teased me everytime I saw him, (which was never enough)but even in the hospitals he was always laughing and picking at me. I have never seen someone with a smile like he had on his face ALWAYS no matter how much pain or discomfort he felt inside, you never knew it. I cherish all the time I had with him and especially at our last family reunion, he and I really got a chance to talk.I know he is in heaven. Can’t wait to celebrate his life in spring. Love ya Cuz. Edna Poche

  • Russell Bujol says:

    Mike, Fadua, & Cher, please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss. Steve was a fine man whom I had a lot of respect for. He taught me a lot and I feel he was responsible for my success in the business. He will be sadly missed although I am sure we will meet again.

    • LeBlanc says:

      Thanks Russell… he would have died 20 years ago if it were not for you!!…. I will never forget you whipping into the hospital with him and the flesh eating disease… (kind of spoiled ya’ll’s little “boon-doggle”) 🙂

  • David Wojtowicz "Woj" says:

    Stories? I think I have at least one hundred of them……..none to share, well at least not here.
    I loved Steve’s passion. He was passionate about his family, his friends, and of course his beloved Caleb Brett.
    I have seen him engage a crowd of angered clients whose language he could not speak, and convince them not only to refrain from retracting their business, but agree to a price increase that would allow better performance levels. Only Steve could have carried that out…without fanfare.
    I have been with others and witnessed him engage in light conversation with waitresses, listening to their concerns for past due electric bills or car payments, and leaving a hundred dollar tip for a forty dollar tab, carefully tucked under his plate, again, without fanfare.
    I was privileged to spend a lot of road time with him as we covered thousands of miles to build offices in the Caribbean, when he had been told it was an impossible task, without fanfare
    I learned never to tell him something was impossible, because he would dwell on the subject for a minute or two, and give alternative approaches and justifiable solutions that made it work, simply by thinking out of the box.
    It was said that I tried to imitate him, and we know imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but, there was no imitating Steve, because there was no one like him.
    We never got to “sit in the rocking chairs on a big porch” in our retirement, like we thought we would do, but we shared a lot of great memories while we both lived.

    I miss him already…..

  • Calvin & Ida LeBlanc says:

    As Elvis would say,”Steven was a hunk- a- hunk of burning love!” Even though we didn’t see him often, we loved him as a brother. As so all of Uncle Lee’s and Aunt Yvonne’s children. Looking forward to seeing them at the memorial. Steven will be greatly missed.

    Ida & Calvin LeBlanc
    38775A Hwy. 75
    Plaquemine,LA 70764

  • Luis M. Fortuño says:

    Steve was a real friend in the good ones and in the bad ones; he was always in the phone asking about my health. Not too many of my “friends” have done it. I love him like a father; he was a great teacher, a great family man and a good model to follow.

  • David Wojtowicz "Woj" says:

    Steve’s absence certainly has left a void in my world. It’s funny how many people knew him, or certainly knew of him. It’s kind of crazy that sometimes I want to pick up the phone and just talk to him. There is some resolve when I am able to share a story with someone who knew him, but better yet with someone who did not. My oldest son Jeff told me he never met anyone like him, and recalled his first “encounter” with Steve. We both laugh about it, and I realize that although there is a void now since he has gone, there were many times that his friendhip filled the gaps.

  • Joyce Arceneaux Richard says:

    I never had any classes with Steve but was in the same grade as he was, so I did not know him that well. However, in our later years I got to know him from our Glen Oaks get-to-gethers once a month. I became very close to him and kept Steve and his family in my prayers. I learned during this time that Steve had such a big heart for all, and that he wanted to make this world a better place. I miss the talks I have had with Steve however; I know he is in a much better place and we will meet again one day. I am so happy I got to know the real Steve.