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  • Thanks to everyone. This is Michael, Steve’s son, my email is: mjleblanc@leblanc-resources.com

  • Natalie Ryan says:

    Steve and Co. were some of the Boudreaux cousins that I have loved for so very many years. They are my MOM’s first cousin’s. Mom’s Dad and their Mom were sister and brother. My grandfather was Samuel “Shoe” Boudreaux. I’m just now getting to realize that my paw paw’s nickname is probably not actually spelled “Shoe”. It’s supposed to be french for cabbage, however that is spelled, but I have just always spelled it “Shoe”. He was Shoe Boudreaux and maw maw was “Madam Shoe”. Anyway so much for all that….Steven and siblings were always a hoot to visit, catch up with, just plain be around whenever the occasion permitted. Mom and her cousins were in touch a lot more than my generation, but it doesn’t stop me from loving all of them. I guess Steven was the family charmer because as I read Marion’s post, it reminded me that he so outrageously liked to tell me that every time he saw me when we were growing up, he was always disappointed to find out that we were cousins!! He always got me going with that one!!!
    Mary Lee and I have crossed paths more than the others over the years but just in August had the opportunity to REALLY have time together and realized that even as cousins, had sooooo much in common. Having the “lost siblings” in common is the most horrific thing though, it just hurts so much, we both say. She asked me to spread this info to my Boudreaux side and I will. I know that this is rambling and wordy, but isn’t that what we all have in common as “Boudreaux’s”? We share intense love for one another, such a deep pain when we lose one, talking too much (well maybe not too much, but really a lot!!) I will miss Steven so much when the extended Boudreaux’s get together. I always try so hard to be at every gathering, meeting and re-acquainging myself with all. Family! It’s so important! Even though Mom has Altzheimers now, we can still get her talking and telling stories from her childhood and her cousins. She has a very old photo hanging on her wall from when “Shoe” and his siblings, including Steven’s mom (who was the only girl) when they were all little kids surrounding their Mom! We talk about that photo so much, about who each one is and about Aunt Yvonne! Rest in peace, Steven, you will be missed, but I have NO DOUBT you are in heaven, along with my brother and all the other Heavenly Boudreaux’s, watching over us and enjoying each other’s conversations! Always remember that Steven, you are loved and missed greatly here on earth, but we will all be reunited one day! Till then……

  • D LeBlanc says:

    He was always the life of the party, no matter who was around. I always looked forward to any get together where he was.